Thursday, May 22, 2008

Some Clam Chowder Restaurants in Boston

When visiting Boston, or any destination in New England for that matter, you just can't leave without having a bowl of clam chowder. After all, isn't that a food staple in this region?

Clam chowder

Having lived in New England all of my life, I can pretty much say that I am a Clam Chowder connoisseur. I know what you are thinking: Once you have tried clam chowder once, you know what it tastes like every time. Nothing could be further from the truth, which is why in this article I am focusing only on Boston's variety of clam chowders.
Boston is the largest city in New England, it has great theater, great museums and of course, great restaurants. These Boston restaurants have been perfecting their recipes for the past few years now, and because of this there are several that you simply must try when visiting Boston.
Legal Sea Foods is known in the region for its fresh fish. When you sit at your table, make sure to read your place mat. It explains the restaurant's history of going from a small-town fish market to serving clam chowder at Presidential Inaugurations. Their New England clam chowder recipe is very traditional. It is thick and creamy, with large clams and not too many potatoes. As you walk around Boston, you will find Legal Sea Foods restaurants in every section, and the quality of their clam chowder is the same at every restaurant.
The next two restaurants are both located in Quincy Market. The Salty Dog is a sit-down restaurant, located at the front end of Quincy Market, closest to Faneuil Hall. If you are visiting in the warmer months, be sure to sit outside where you can watch street performers from your table. The clam chowder here is similar to that of Legal's, but perhaps the clams are a little smaller.
The other restaurant in Quincy Market is the Boston Chowda Company. They are located inside Quincy Market, where all the food-court-style eateries are located. This place is great because you have can try the chowder before purchasing. They also give you the ultimate clam chowder experience by offering the opportunity to eat your chowder out of a sourdough bread bowl. Order one of these and find a spot in the center of Quincy Market, dip the bread into that delicious clam chowder and watch the people go by your table.
Another great restaurant for clam chowder is Gourmeli's in Copley. The recipe at this restaurant is not as traditional as the other restaurants mentioned above, but is a welcome treat for anyone interested in variety. Gourmeli's recipe seems to have a different spice in the chowder, and it appears to have some wild rice in it as well. These additions round out the flavor of the chowder in a completely different way, making this clam chowder a nice break from the norm. When visiting Gourmeli's, be sure to ask for a table in the open area, where you can listen to the music coming from the hotel lounge and watch the shoppers walk by from a respectable distance.
No matter where you go in Boston however, New England clam chowder is only one of the culinary adventures you simply must have when visiting this region. For more information on Boston Restaurants, visit: where you will find more information on great restaurants in this city.
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