Thursday, May 22, 2008

Faforite Recipes for Hen, Fried Turkey, and Salmon

Recipes Using Just Simply Good Stuff! Original Rub
Cornish Game Hen
Original Rub
2 Game Hens
2 Slices Smoked Bacon
1 Can Whole Baby Corn
2 Tbsp Red or Green Bell Pepper (diced)

Salmon Dish

Wash hens, sprinkle inside and out w/ Original Rub, stuff w/ baby corn. and peppers, slice bacon in half, lay (2) halves on top of each hen, bake at 350 1 hr or until done. Serve with Rice Pilaf or Rice a Roni.
Deep fried Turkey
Rub turkey with 1/2 Tbsp salt and Original Rub apply generously. (If you prefer, you can use Smoky Jalapeno Rub, Beyond the Border or Mediterranean Medley.) Rub spice into turkey inside and out, melt 1 cube of butter add 2 Tbsp of rub. Stir well and let marinate 1 hour (or do the day before). Microwave butter & spice until liquid enough for injecting, and inject into all areas of turkey. Pour any leftover into cavity and under the skin on the breast. Fry according to fryer instructions.
Grilled Salmon
Lay fish on a platter, squeeze ½ fresh lime on inside of fish. Sprinkle any of our Rubs on both sides then grill or bake.
Just Simply Burgers
Just shake on Original Rub, Smoky Jalapeno or Beyond the Border then grill, fry or bake to desired doneness. Try with ground beef, Turkey or ground pork.
Holiday Turkey Dinner
Try our Original Rub on your Holiday Turkey then bake as usual or for added flavor inject it with butter mixed with our Rubs yum! Also try Mediterranean Medley in your mashed potatoes for something different.
Scrambled Eggs
Sprinkle some Original, Smoky Jalapeno or Mediterranean Medley into your favorite scrambled egg or frittata recipe
Corn on the Cob
Butter corn, sprinkle with Original Rub & Smoky Mesquite salt. Wrap in foil, grill or bake.This recipe is especially handy when you're feeding a crowd. Just unwrap the corn and you're good to go!
No need to pass around all of the butter salt and pepper it's already done!
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